About Us

Saint Joseph’s Hospital was founded in 1954 by the sisters of Saint Joseph of the Apparition, and since then it has functioned as a non-profit general hospital in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in the East Part of Jerusalem. Saint Joseph’s Hospital is the only Catholic Hospital in East Jerusalem; it serves the general population of East Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gaza Strip.

The mission of St. Joseph Hospital is to serve the community according to the values of the congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Apparition by providing high standard health care services, through a qualified staff in parallel with the latest medical advances of technology, providing a compassionate health care services regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, age, socioeconomic status, and educational level, while preserving the most comfortable safe environment for care, meeting & exceeding customers’ expectations as well.
Seeking excellence by expanding and improving our health care services comprehensively and strengthening the capacity building.
Saint Joseph’s Hospital provides health care services to all people regardless of religion, race, sex, culture, or economic status. Saint Joseph’s holds a unique position being the only Catholic Hospital in East Jerusalem. The Hospital which is run by the sisters is committed to providing quality care to its patients. It is a charitable hospital serving all people in our community.