Physiotherapy services are provided in all departments (In Patients and Outpatients). Physiotherapists at Saint Joseph Hospital work side by side with other medical professionals, caregivers, patients, and their families, focusing on the prevention of complications that may arise during hospitalization and improvement of the patient’s status, including cardio-respiratory... Read More
During your presence at our obstetrics and gynaecology department at Saint Joseph Hospital, you will find special care for various reasons, including our pregnancy follow up clinic, routine evaluation for the healthy woman, gynaecological conditions, and emergencies. Our method that is based on the medical team involves you as a party to treatment in order to find a solution fo... Read More
St. Joseph outpatient clinics operate as multidisciplinary clinics, specialty clinics, and Physiotherapy. Diagnoses range from fairly simple problems to rare diseases. Medical and para-medical staff work together to provide the full range of treatment. The clinics are run by experienced, senior physicians and specialists.  Clinic follow-up is long-term, from diagnosis,... Read More
On an annual count, we serve over 7,750 Outpatients with noninvasive cardiac tests, using the most up-to-date devices. This is a 3-room unit equipped for stress tests, Holter ECG monitoring, trans-thoracic, and trans-esophageal echocardiography, (TTE and TEE), in addition to Dobutamine echocardiography. Three cardiologists and two technicians attend our unit. To continue our di... Read More
One of our most vital units that oversee medication procurement, storage, dispensing, and utilization throughout St Joseph’s Hospital. It is responsible for dispensing medications daily for an average of 155 inpatients. We are looking forward to having a fully computerized system to facilitate the process between wards and the pharmacy.​ Read More